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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

March Activity Calendar and community wide garage sale!!


VILLAS at HAMPTON LAKES GARAGE SALE??? If anyone is interested in having a garage sale at their Villa, Barbara Palmer (10640 Hearth Stone Circle) would like you to reach out to her at 970-580-9467.  Maize, Kansas will be having their City Wide Garage sale on SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2019!! This is the ideal chance to host a sale if you have ever thought about having one!! We could all coordinate and do them on that date so we can get the traffic into our community. The Cost is $15.00 for a permit to the City of Maize. This cost helps to off-set the advertising expenses they do on your behalf. They also contact the area merchants, print and distribute maps showing the garage sale locations, & put up and take down signs before and after the garage sale day. Contact Barbara if this is something you would like to do!!

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